Jardin Ticks All The Boxes

Future resident Bianca Perri shares why she’s looking forward to making her new home in Jardin.

When Bianca and her husband first started talking seriously about downsizing from their five-bedroom Beacon Hill place, Bianca had a long list of things she wanted from her new home. Though the couple wanted to downsize, they didn’t want to feel cramped. They wanted to feel financially in control of their investment. And they wanted a place where they could feel part of a community.

When they found Jardin, they felt all their needs were met.

“I love the social aspect of Jardin,” she says. “My husband and I have lost quite a few siblings and this will help us be more socially active, because there’s been a bit of a gap in our lives.”

Bianca was initially drawn to the spacious community areas of the building, from the rooftop garden to the ground floor café. But she’s also loved interacting with the Jardin team. “The people have been amazing, nothing’s been too much trouble for them. They showed us the build of another apartment in North Sydney before we purchased, and because my son is a builder, they invited him to come as well.”

The fact that they could purchase on a strata title rather than through a leasing arrangement helped Bianca’s husband feel confident they were making a good decision, too.

“That was a big factor, because we were very close at one point to buying something, but the 25 percent exit fee was a big factor. My husband didn’t feel that buying something with a lease was value for money and when we do pass away, there’s not enough left for the children.”

Bianca discovered she already had a couple of friends who had purchased in the building, and she’s made more through Jardinsponsored social activities, such as the Book Club.

“We’ve also had organised cooking classes and things like that,” she says.

While Bianca admits it will be a little sad to leave their old family home, she says she’s not going to miss “all the housekeeping!”

In fact, she thinks that not having the burden of a large house and garden will make life better for her and her husband in lots of ways.

“I think it will make us better people, because we’ll have more interests. Now, my husband does his bowls and I go to the gym about four