Uncompromised Living At Jardin

With Platino Properties Architect, Witold Herzog

For architect Witold Herzog, every apartment could be his own. “As a general philosophy, if you design something, you design for yourself. It’s like you are designing your own home.” That uncompromising approach to creating Jardin’s residences has set the development apart from the start. Witold’s attention to detail and deep understanding of the needs of people to live comfortably and freely is evident in the generous sizing of each apartment.

“We never just want to be minimum size,” he says. “Maximizing the living space always takes precedence, to help residents go about their lives easily – not just the living spaces, but the bedrooms, corridors, storage spaces and kitchens too.”

The generosity of space is a huge drawcard for people looking to move out of the family home, but concerned about finding themselves trapped in a small apartment with no room for their belongings. In fact, Witold says that’s one of the many reasons why Platino’s developments are such an attractive alternative.

“I often think of my parents, when they moved,” he says. “They didn’t want to compromise on size and that’s what we’re trying to create, a space that when you walk in, you still feel a sense of space and it’s a place you want to live in.”

The Wintergarden is a signature feature of Platino, featured within a majority of Platino’s apartments and is designed to be used flexibly either as an outdoor or an indoor room. It also offers excellent thermal qualities to help keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while providing the advantages of fresh air and space for a small apartment garden.

Additional storage near car spaces provides peace of mind for downsizers, with room for everything from bicycles and suitcases to a small workbench for DIY enthusiasts.

Witold is very passionate about his work and thrilled by the feedback he is getting from buyers. Witold believes deeply in making sure the gets it right in every detail. And when it comes to his view on Platino’s purchasers, Witold says  “We need to be the people they can trust.”