Why Platino Works For Me

Steve Liebmann

Former Today show host Steve Liebmann is a self-confessed “creature of habit”. It’s no surprise then that he was hesitant about downsizing and wasn’t sure whether it would be the right move to make. That is, until a Platino property came on the market. With a little gentle persuasion from his wife – “she knew from day one this was the right move” – they purchased a Cremorne Platino apartment and haven’t looked back.

“We’ve been there a little over a year, and I have absolutely no regrets,” Liebmann says. “I like the spaciousness, the layout and the finish to the apartment.”

The biggest advantage, he feels, is that when you buy a Platino property it becomes yours – there are no exit or deferred management fees.

“It’s not a case of all the expenses are taken out before you come away with a net amount of money,” he says. “In other words: you buy the property and you own it. And when time comes, the property is handed over to whoever you nominate.”

Steve’s downsizing essentials

There are certain things, especially if you’re looking to downsize, and you’re thinking of an apartment, that are important. Like public transport: I want to be able to have easy walking access to supermarkets, chemists, doctors and public transport.

When people start to think of downsizing it’s because they’re very mindful of their health, and if you’ve got programs like wellbeing and how to stay well, and you’ve got proximity to a hospital that is particularly interested in those aspects of health – fantastic!”